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We create Manifesto videos
that show the emotion in your brand.



Inspirational Video Content Agency


Your brand raise leads by inspiring people

Why a Manifesto Video?

MANIFESTO video shows to your target audience, in a cinematic story, what is the human essence in your brand.  

Comunicate emotion

So your audience will understand what you really do for them

Inspire a community

People will follow your brand, if you communicate the care for them.

Reach your goal

Conversions, awareness, investors, all of these with the people you inspire!

Manifesto is one of the most powerful types of video content.


Touch people hearts and they will follow you!

Just watch

Would you like to have your own Manifesto video?

It works best for

Large business awareness

Startup launch

Blockchain project marketing

Employer’s branding

Personal branding

NGOs fundraising & awareness

CSR reports & projects

Pitch for investors

NGOs fundraising & awareness

Reach your marketing goal with the power of emotional video campaigns.